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Videos — Knowledge

The ABC’s of Pony Club 2 Copies

Cassette Tape
A 1-2-3 guide for parents and their young riders


A guide to eventing by the British Horse Society
66 minutes

Clipping Techniques

57 minutes

“A Bit About Bits” with Jimmy Williams

Videos — Riding~

The Competitive Edge

By Max Gahwyler
Develop technique and gain insights to improve your dressage scores
Training through Second Level

Developing Control of Your Horse

The De Nemethy Method -Modern Techniques for Training the Show Jumper and Its Rider

Tape 1-Basic Principles of Equitation

  • Straightness, forwardness
  • Center of gravity
  • Maintaining the natural balance
  • Stabilizing the rhythm


Tape 2-The Rider’s Correct Position

  • Horse on the bit
  • Using the draw rein and its proper application
  • Seat correction exercises on the longe line


Tape 3-Horse on the Longe Line

  • Longeing the horse with different equipment, incliding the draw rein
  • Correct longeing techniques


Tape 4-Communicating With The Horse

  • The rider’s aids
  • The half halt
  • The secondary aids


Videos – Fun

1995 Volvo World Cup Dressage to Music Finals in Los Angeles

USPC Festival -1989 Lexington, KY

2000 Atlanta Olympic Games

Dressage, Show Jumping and 3-Day

Videos – USPC Rating Guides

The D Standard

Narrated by Betsey Reeves
Great for C’s who rate D’s
30 minutes

USPC Video Guide to the C-3 Standard

45 minutes

USPC A Guide To The “A” Standard of Proficiency

60 minutes

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